Visual and Finish

While exposing CLT can reduce the cost of applying finishes, a higher visual grade CLT is often chosen. Non-Visual Quality (NVQ), Industrial-Visual Quality (IVQ) and Visual Quality (VQ) grades can be chosen, as well as the level of finish.

When CLT is exposed, consideration should be given to the effect of UV light as certain woods can darken fairly rapidly when exposed to the sun. For these reasons also offer a high-quality 100% water-based product.

We offers an durable and trendy looking stain and protector for all exposed CLT surfaces, in- and outdoor.

And contributing to less maintenance and durable results. With our high-quality top coating, we can guarantee a long-lasting wooden structure in natural or colourful designs. The finish products are water-based and according to the latest (European) regulations. Of course, high quality and customization are the base of a durable building and a satisfied user. In this way, we offer the best products with the environment in mind and tailor-made if needed. These INCLT wooden buildings will not only improve the safety of their residents but will also beautify the landscape and bring balance with the surrounding nature.

Excellent surface – Grade A

Consists of maximum one or two finger-jointed lamel. The lamel have a special lay-up where the wood grain and texture mix in a homogeneous appearance.

The appearance of gaps is remarkably lessened.

Repairs through wood patches are permissible.

Visual quality – Grade B

Consists of two or more finger-jointed lamel, which have a homogeneous appearance in texture and grain. Growth-related features occur in reduced form. Non-conforming growth-related features may be repaired through wood patches.

Industrial visual quality – Grade C

Consists of two or more finger-jointed lamel with color differences, wood grain and texture are categorically less relevant. Non-conforming growth-related features may be repaired through wood patches.

CLT is complimenting the visuality of structures. A plaster or wallpaper are not needed. The structure already looks good by itself, or a decorative stain can be applied. The panels are available in three grades:

Grade A

Grade B

Grade C

A: visual quality

B: industrial visual quality

C: non-visual quality

The first two types are suitable for interior and exterior elements that are visible. And the Grade C is used for structural elements that are concealed and/or where its visual appearance is not important.

Please note : Wood is a natural material and comes with imperfection, color differences,  and grain indentations. Wood has fluctuations and can change color over time.

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