The Solution Is Solid

Efficiency is our priority to bring to your property

Fire Safety

Great care should be taken with regard to the resistance to fire and the potential for escape from all buildings, whatever their construction material.

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Environmentally Friendly

CLT is a green and sustainable product since it is made out of renewable wood. It captures and removes carbon in the long term.

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Prefabrication is Success

CLT Pre-fab housing components are fully manufactured before reaching their destination, which decreases lead times 

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Design Flexibility

CLT has many applications. The high strength to weight ratio and the low thermal conductivity makes the components easy to form.

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Seismic properties

During an earthquake CLT is the right material, as the fibres adapt to the movement of the earthquake and comes back to its original shape.

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Instant Insulation

CLT properties come with this extra benefit, Instant Insulation. The insulation creates a healthy atmosphere. The sound and thermal insulation are depending

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Our Inspiration

Forte Tower

Location : Australia
Arsitect : Lend Lease
Year : 2012
Development Periode : 16 minggu

Revier Hotel

Location : Swiss
Arsitect : Carlos Martines
Year : 2017
Area : 4100m2

CLT House

Location : Australia
Arsitect : FMD Architects
Year : 2019
Area : 560m2

CLT Construction Benefits

  • Shorter construction times
  • Lower overall costs compared to concrete and steel construction
  • Pre-fabricated under controlled environment
  • Easy to work with it
  • Affordable and accessible material
  • Can be built all year-around
  • Less of labor on site
  • Clean and quiet to work with it
  • Less waste compared to concrete and steel construction
  • Efficient in logistics as it’s light-weight
  • The best material based on a ‘weight-to-strength’ ratio
  • Less foundation needed
  • Easy to lift
  • Reducing heavy equipment on building site

The 21st century is the Timber Age

All of our products are made from renewable wood and do not require the burning of polluting fossil fuels. By using environmentally friendly and sustainable materials, there will be less waste, thereby reducing the carbon footprint compared to traditional building methods. Greenhouse gas emissions associated with wood-based buildings are much lower than those associated with concrete or steel-based buildings.

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