Yes, we have heard the comments

“Don’t work with wood because it won’t meet the IBC, it’s wood and can burn, don’t cut down all the big trees.”

CLT is Globally getting accepted in the construction industry as a truly innovative material with huge benefits because building with CLT is quick, clean, and easy. And CLT has benefits in terms of warmth, acoustics, and structural efficiency. In our opinion CLT is the only solution for safe and healthy, well designed and responsibly constructed buildings.

CLT has finally entered the markets in Europe, United States, Canada and Australia. Being a wood product, cross-laminated timber is often associated with timber frame construction, however the performance characteristics of CLT are very different. CLT offers a more penalized form of construction and is more in common with prefabricated concrete panel construction. But CLT will offer better workability, flexibility, less weight and leave a smaller environmental footprint .

Our Inspiration

Hotel Jakarta Amsterdam

Building surface: 422 m²
Architects: SeARCH
Area: 16500 m²
Year: 2018
Manufacturers: Finesse, MOSO, VPT Versteeg


Architect: Tom Goormans
Year : 2020
Build : 3 days

Hockey Center

Architect: Polo Architects
Year: 2021
3 stories

Forte Tower

Location : Australia
Arsitect : Lend Lease
Year : 2012
Development Periode : 16 minggu

Revier Hotel

Location : Swiss
Arsitect : Carlos Martines
Year : 2017
Area : 4100m2

CLT House

Location : Australia
Arsitect : FMD Architects
Year : 2019
Area : 560m2


Location : Norway
Arsitect : Carlos Martines
year : 2019
Development periode : 58 minggu

Andy Quattlebaum

Location : United States of America
Arsitect : Cooper Carry
Year : 2019


Delivery year : 2019
Building type : 1-2 keluarga
Level : 2Pengiriman
Product duration : 1


Location : London, United Kingdom
Arsitect : Waugh Thistleton
Year : 2010
Development perionde : 21 minggu

Adept Largest fully wooden construction

Location : Germany
Arsitect : Danish design studio

The 21st century is the Timber Age. CLT will efficiently contribute to our planet and our living environment

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