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About Our




 Is Our Priority

 To Be Used In

 Your Property

What We Do

Bring Efficiency by :

-Reducing construction time

-Less labor

-Efficient in logistic

-Less noise & waste

Assures Safety by :

–Earthquake resistance

–Fire safety

–Healthy environment

–Instant insulation

Reduce and Store Co2 by :

–Less use of fossil fuels

–CLT has captured Co2

–Reusable & Reassemble

–Reduces AC usage


PT Hira Utama Group, in short HUG, is the company behind INCLT.id. The new-age Cross Laminated Timber construction producer in Indonesia. Based on smart technologies with overtime proven results and motivated by their undeniable chances of success HUG was founded in June 2021.

HUG consists of creative people with different backgrounds and experiences.

Our goal: Building with durable materials from sustainable sources for a responsible future.

INCLT has a clear view. We do not want to pollute our view with the many possibilities CLT offers, which is huge and becoming more popular all over the world. Therefore, our main focus will be on CLT panels and Prefab housing for the Indonesian market.

Creating safety for your property is a process that should start before any disaster occurs.  Strength and fire safety are some of the most important elements to provide before emergency scenarios accrue, contributing to better recovery, fewer victims, and less damage to your property.

INCLT buildings are minimalist and lightweight. Easy to transport and fast to build up.

Pre-fab housing is the most suitable solution to serve the national interest and build a stable future for many new generations to come.

An often-ignored aspect of sustainable architecture is building placement. For recreational aspects, the ideal structure is in an isolated place, for example on top of a mountain or a small island.

These kinds of projects are often detrimental to the environment as they usually increase the energy consumption required for transportation which leads to unnecessary emissions.  INCLT units can make residential areas more accessible and leave a minimal environmental footprint.



Indonesia is Ready for CLT

Together with several organizations, we’re working towards an Indonesian CLT building code.  

We’re not doing anything that hasn’t been done. We have Europe to guide us.

Living with CLT is awesome!

– Environmentally friendly

– Energy efficient

– Creates a healthy atmosphere

– Seismic properties

– Instant insulation

– Surfaces don’t need furnishes

– Adjustable, easy to hang a shelf or create an extra window

“The more natural a house is, the more joy it gives those who live in the house!”
Mehmet Murat ildan

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