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How long does cross laminated timber last?
Bear in mind that the design life of the membrane is typically 15-20 years, far less than the design life of the underlying CLT structure. So those details considered ‘typical’ actually often don’t really work. Protection to CLT needs to fail safe and the event of failure of a membrane needs specific consideration.
Does CLT need maintenance?

Once complete, CLT requires no unusual maintenance regime (similarly to timber-frame buildings).

Is CLT termite resistant?
Incorporating a physical separation from the ground using a concrete structure is considered to be a viable approach in dealing with termites. 
Is CLT durable?

CLT is tough with excellent soundproofing, air tightness and fire safety properties. Fire safety will always be a concern, however, it has been built into the development of CLT from the very start. Unlike steel, CLT maintains its structural integrity when exposed to high levels of heat thus making it safer.

Is CLT carbon negative?

There are many benefits of CLT. Compared with steel and concrete construction it is obviously a low impact material with a much lower embodied carbon footprint. 

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