Building with CLT

Building with CLT enables taller, stronger, more stable, and safer timber structures. Using CLT allows to construction of lighter, better-quality buildings, more quickly, with reduced foundations and fewer deliveries to the building site. This method of construction leads to safer, cleaner, quieter sites, with a reduced number of workers and costs.

CLT has already been adopted as a construction material and will be replacing concrete and steel in future building projects. CLT has been identified as suitable for use in modular constructions. In 2015, CLT was incorporated into the National Design Specification for wood construction. This specification was used as a reference for the 2015 International Building Code (IBC) in turn allowing CLT to be recognized as a code-compliant construction material. These code changes permitted CLT to be used in the assembly of exterior walls, floors, partition walls, and roofs. Also included in the 2015 IBC were char rates for fire protection, connection provisions, and fastener requirements specific to CLT.

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