INCLT is a new company with a clear view on the many possibilities CLT offers. It’s a fact that CLT is becoming more popular all over the world. Here are some other facts about CLT.

CLT explained

Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) is a category of engineered wooden components. A multiple-layer wooden panel is made by gluing together layers of solid-sawn timber.

CLT is new

CLT has over the last two decades provided a viable alternative to concrete and steel construction. CLT was first developed and used in Germany and Austria in the early 1990s.

Building with CLT

Through the lamination CLT enables taller, stronger, more stable and safer timber structures. Using CLT allows to construct lighter, better-quality buildings, more quickly,

CLT production

CLT is made from boards of timber, which are sorted, finger jointed together into long strips and arranged side by side to form layers. These are glued

Visual and Finish

While exposing CLT can reduce the cost of applying finishes, a higher visual grade CLT is often chosen. Non-Visual Quality (NVQ), Industrial-Visual Quality (IVQ)

CLT downside

Imperfection: It’s a natural material and comes with imperfection. Colour differences, and grain indentations. Wood has fluctuations,

The Stone Age did not end because we ran out of stones; we transitioned to better Solutions. Now its time for CLT to make this transition Durable, Clean and create a Better World.

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